Tuesday, December 21, 2010

McCanns like the Smarts cashing in on their daughters...


Ed Smart ,or one of his advisers from 'Amber Alert 'gave the McCanns some good advice , the younger the child abducted by a paedophile the less 'serious' harm will come to them...We now have the McCann mantra , inspite of cadaver dog findings in several McCann 'hot spots' "There is no evidence she has come to any 'serious' harm''...I would like the McCanns to say in public what they think a paedophile would do to a three year old child...I would also like any American to think what they would have thought while Elizabeth was missing and cadaver dogs picked up on her in her home , her mothers clothing and the trunk of her fathers car???? Would the American people claim DNA (without her body) was planted by the FBI to stitch up the Smarts ?